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What You Need To Know About LEED Recycling | Rent Dumpsters - Waste Removal NJ

Last updated 5 years ago

Building properties according to environmentally friendly standards is becoming more popular and necessary each day as space for property becomes scarce.  This green style of building, in addition to having environmental benefits, has multiple economic benefits on both small and large scales.

What is LEED?

In order to promote environmentally friendly building and remodeling, the US Green Building Council created LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to uphold high standards for how materials are used during building construction.  LEED uses numerous criteria to measure if a building is environmentally friendly, and many start at the source—the construction of the building itself.

In order to be certified by LEED, buildings must make use of post-consumer recycled materials and wood-based materials.  In addition, LEED buildings also make use of regional materials in order to save energy and cut back on moving and production pollutions.  LEED also ensures that the building follows codes for water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and energy usage.

Why Are LEED Certified Recycling Companies Important?

However, LEED isn’t just about the building process; the disposal of materials is just as important.  Bricks, concrete, scrap metal, wood, and many other materials can be recycled and reused in future constructions if disposed of properly. 

Rental dumpster companies that are LEED certified can help ensure that as many materials as possible are recycled.  These companies use diversion techniques to stop recyclable materials from getting thrown out as waste.  By recycling these materials, other products such as flooring, newspapers, countertops, toilet paper, and more can be formed.

At we are committed to keeping the state of New Jersey’s environment healthy. All eligible waste collected in our dumpsters is processed according to the LEED recycling guidelines.  For peace of mind and responsible rubbish removal, contact us today and set up a dumpster rental for your commercial or residential renovation project. For more information about our services call us at (888) 772-7368.


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