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A Look at Some Impressive Steel Recycling Facts

Last updated 4 years ago

Steel is used to create a host of goods, from vegetable cans and refrigerators to vehicles and kitchen knives. However, what many individuals might not realize is that many of these items are crafted from recycled steel. To learn more about the vital importance steel recycling plays in our economy and world, keep on reading below:

Steel is America’s Most Recycled Item

Nowadays, Americans are recycling more than ever. And when it comes to which item is recycled the most, steel easily tops the list. According to estimates, the United States recycles more than 85 million tons of steel each year, surpassing plastic and all other materials.

Household Appliances are Made from Recycled Steel

Do you have a steel refrigerator, microwave, or washing machine in your home? If so, you might be happy to know that the steel in the appliance was not created from freshly-mined iron ore, but from recycled materials. While there are exceptions, the average home appliance is manufactured from 65% percent steel, which is fantastic news if you concerned with sustainability.

Millions of Steel Cans are Recycled Each Day

People in the United States recycle over 30 billion steel cans every year. After going through processing at the recycling facility, the steel from these cans is then shipped off to companies around the country to be turned into car parts and other products.

Recycled Steel Saves Energy and Decreases Waste Output

One of the best aspects about manufacturing recycled steel is that it is more eco-friendly than creating steel from scratch. In addition to causing less pollution, recycled steel uses 75% percent less energy than new steel does. This ultimately contributes to making our planet a safer and healthier place to live on.

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