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Taking A Look at How Landfills Work

Last updated 3 years ago

Many people do not think twice when placing their waste in a trashcan or dumpster. In fact, once an item is placed in the trashcan, it begins a waste disposal journey that ultimately ends at a landfill. Landfills have been designed to safely and effectively manage the waste products that we generate. Here is a look inside how landfills work, and what happens once you throw something away in a dumpster.

Trash by the Numbers
Each day in the United States, 4.6 pounds of trash are created for every person. These figures add up to an incredible 251 million tons of trash that is created in America every year. While a certain percentage of this waste is recycled, most of the trash in this country is either buried or burned.

Types of Landfills
There are two major types of landfills that are found throughout the country. Your local landfill may either be a sanitary landfill or a Municipal Solid Waste landfill. A sanitary landfill uses a clay liner to create a barrier between the trash and the earth below it. By contrast, a Municipal Solid Waste landfill uses a synthetic or plastic liner.

Structure of a Landfill
Each landfill contains a carefully designed structure that separates trash from the surrounding groundwater and air. Most landfills are built directly on the ground, and contain a specially designed barrier that separates trash from water and earth. When new layers of trash are added to the landfill, a layer of dirt is placed on top. This layer of dirt protects the surrounding air from trash contamination.

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