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    How to Obtain LEED Certification for Your Building Project

    Last updated 3 years ago

    When you are renovating a property for sale or rental, LEED certification can help you attract responsible, environmentally conscious tenants or buyers who are willing to pay a bit extra for green spaces. There are many types of LEED certification available, for new construction and for renovations. Though the specific guidelines for materials and waste disposal are different for commercial and residential projects, the following advice applies to most projects seeking LEED certification:

    Responsibly Recycle All Waste Materials
    All projects, whether new construction or renovation, will produce a certain amount of waste material. Because LEED guidelines are meant to encourage sustainable practice, if you want certification you must properly dispose of all waste material in a way that does not harm the environment. The preferred way to do so is by recycling all possible materials. Renting a dumpster from a company that specializes in responsible waste disposal makes this process much easier.

    Use Only Sustainable Building Materials
    From the wood used for wall studs to the paint on the interior walls, LEED guidelines require you to use the most environmentally friendly materials you can in building or renovating your space. You should use sustainably grown woods, non-toxic insulations, and paints low in volatile organic compounds. A professional can help you choose the right materials for your residential or commercial project.

    Reduce Water and Energy Usage
    Whether your energy comes from gas or electricity, you should aim to use as little as you can. LEED guidelines encourage you to install the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, use CFL bulbs to conserve electricity, and install low-flow toilets and fixtures to conserve water. Any appliances in your building should be EnergyStar certified so they operate as efficiently as possible.

    LEED certification starts with your construction or renovation. If you are planning a project in New Jersey or New York, visit or call us at (201) 258-3699 to find out more about our green recycling and waste disposal services

    4 Occasions When You May Need to Rent a Dumpster

    Last updated 3 years ago

    When taking on a big renovation or remodeling project at home, having a place to safely sort materials for waste and recycling is absolutely essential. Dumpster rental is the perfect solution for storing these materials for pickup by your local New Jersey dumpster rental service. Here are four home improvement projects that can be made easier with the help of a rental dumpster.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
    For kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects, you’ll need a place to store old flooring, cabinets, fixtures, plumbing, and other waste materials safely. A rental dumpster makes it easy to get these building materials out of the way quickly so you can finish your remodeling job easily. Having a second dumpster for salvageable materials or recycling can make it easy to minimize your impact on the environment.

    Roof Replacement
    Roof replacement is a messy job that can be slowed down without a plan for disposal of old materials. A conveniently placed dumpster will make it easy for your roofing contractors to rip out the old materials and dispose of them, which can dramatically decrease the labor time for your roof. Metal, slate, or clay roofing can be recycled, so have a recycling dumpster handy.

    Window Replacement
    Most window replacement projects in New Jersey can be completed in just a day or two as long as you or your contractors have a place to store all the broken glass, old window frames, and building materials that must be removed. Without a dumpster, you may have to extend the project or add additional labor costs.

    Landscaping Projects
    Dumpster rental is perfect for home landscaping or gardening projects. Most residential trash collection services will not pick up large amounts of yard waste, including trees, plants, branches, etc. A dumpster makes disposing of these materials easy since basically anything can be carried by a dump truck!

    For your dumpster rental needs in New Jersey, contact We carry the dumpsters you need for your residential, commercial, or construction waste removal needs. We also provide comprehensive recycling solutions to keep your project as clean and “green” as possible! Call us at (201) 258-3699 for more on our dumpster rental services in NJ. 

    Teaching Kids the Importance of Recycling

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Keeping recyclable products out of our waste stream is becoming increasingly important, and impressing the importance of separating waste products from recyclables on your children is the best way to ensure that a greater percentage of recyclables end up where they should. Some great ways of educating children on the importance of recycling and environmental preservation include:

    Recycle at Home
    One of the most effective methods of encouraging your children to adopt behaviors you wish to impress upon them is by way of example. Set up an at-home recycling station, and get serious about using it. To capture your children’s interest, ask for their help in coloring signs and crafting the decorations that adorn the dumpster and recycling bins.

    Make Note of Goods Made from Recycled Products
    When you are out at the store and you see something made from recycled paper or another recycled product, point it out to your children. Seeing that fully functional and even aesthetically pleasing products can be made from recycled goods may underscore the importance of recycling.

    Offer Lessons
    Teach your children how to tell when a product is recyclable by looking at its label. Also explain that recycling plastic bottles and containers saves energy that can power our televisions, refrigerators, and light fixtures.

    Visit a Recycling Center
    Most children are fascinated by visits to factories and plants. Likewise, they can be enamored by a visit to a recycling facility. Here, they will see how the products they recycle are separated, melted down, and reprocessed. They may also learn interesting facts about recycling that they have not heard from your or their teachers.

    By educating your children on the importance of recycling, you can do your part in protecting the environment. To speak with a representative from about our residential dumpster services, call (201) 258-3699. We are an environmentally conscious dumpster rental and waste removal company serving NYC. 

    Roll-Off Containers vs. Front-Load Dumpsters

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Trying to choose the right rental dumpster for your residential or commercial needs? At, you’ll have the choice between roll-off dumpsters and front-load dumpsters. While both are super durable and high-capacity, there are a few differences to consider.

    Roll-off dumpsters are designed for single-use or short-term projects that require high capacity recycling or waste removal. These are perfect for remodeling or construction projects, as well as landscaping and yard waste removal. Front-load dumpsters, on the other hand, are a little bit smaller and are ideal for regular waste or recycling removal. These are more appropriate in regular residential or commercial applications, such as in an apartment complex or behind your business.

    For more help choosing the right dumpster style for your needs, contact by calling (201) 258-3699. We provide high quality dumpster rental services for waste removal and recycling in New Jersey. Contact us today!

    A Look at a Custom Green Home in Montauk, NY

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Remodeling your home is a great undertaking, and it’s important that you get everything just right to fit your taste and needs. But when making your remodeling plans, keep in mind the amount of waste you’re producing and how it impacts the local environment.

    Making eco-friendly remodeling choices can make your home more comfortable, minimize remodeling waste, and lower living costs. This video demonstrates these principles in one New York resident’s green home construction project, which utilized many recycled and repurposed building materials.

    To learn how you can make your home remodeling project more eco-friendly and efficient, contact the recycling and waste removal experts at We provide the best dumpster rental and sustainable waste removal and recycling in NJ. Call us today at (201) 258-3699 for more on our dumpster and recycling bin rental services.

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