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    How Can Homeowners Benefit from Dumpster Rentals?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s an important part of living responsibly, but it’s usually easier said than done. In most cases, a standard home dumpster is simply not adequate enough for residential waste disposal. Avoid the liability and cost of waste mismanagement and see how a quick dumpster rental can help you during various projects around the home, including:

    Home Renovations

    When working with a contractor, how do you know if you’re getting the best deal on waste management? Or perhaps more importantly, how do you know that your waste is being disposed of cleanly and responsibly? The EPA estimates that construction generates 136 million tons of waste annually, which in turn occupies 20% of landfills. However, as much as 90% of construction waste is recyclable with the right waste disposal service.

    Estate Cleanouts

    Whether it’s due to eviction, auction, or a big move out of state, it isn’t always convenient to move and store household items indefinitely. When waste disposal is the most practical and economical solution, renting a dumpster from a company with an extensive background in sorting and recycling can help you put waste materials to better use.

    Landscaping/Brush Clearing

    Landscaping is a simple way to boost the appearance of your home—but only if you don’t have to deal with brush and foliage all over your yard. Trimmings left over from a large job often won’t fit in a conventional dumpster; if they do, you may still face fines from municipal waste utilities. Save time and money by renting a dumpster from an experienced waste management company.

    Working with a dumpster rental company will provide you with the best financial savings and the least environmental impact. provides an economical waste disposal and diversion solution for LEED professionals, businesses, and homeowners in NJ. Visit us online to learn more about our dumpster rental services and call (888) 772-7368 for pricing and availability information. 

    Common Construction Materials that Can Be Recycled

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Construction materials comprise about 20 percent of landfill waste, but as much as 90 percent of it can be recycled. Take a look below to find out some common construction recyclable byproducts and how a reliable waste management company can help you control costs while staying sustainable:

    Bulk Byproducts

    Some items such as cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping are fairly obvious recyclables, but excess brick, shingles, and even doors and windows can also be recycled. Some dumpster rental companies even offer to sort and separate different recyclables—a process called “diversion”—saving you time and money without impairing your sustainability goals. You also won’t have to worry about violating any local or jurisdictional recycling laws.

    Home Construction Debris

    From the concrete foundation to the walls and even the shingles themselves, most home construction materials are recyclable. If time allows, contractors should take time to remove any and all cabinets, windows, doors, and electrical and plumbing fixtures before beginning major work. According to the WBDG, wood makes up nearly one third of construction waste, with concrete chips and other aggregate making up another 20%. Thanks to refinements in the concrete recycling process, over 140 million tons of concrete are recycled in the U.S. annually.

    Plastics and Steel

    It’s true that most kinds of paints are not recyclable, but latex-based paints and the cans themselves can be recycled. If you don’t relish the thought of drying and cleaning out paint cans to recycle, you can still recycle virtually every kind of plastic material around the job site.

    If you need a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to responsibly dispose of construction materials, visit We specialize in dumpster rentals of several sizes, both large and small, for any commercial or residential project in NJ. Call (888) 772-7368 today for more information.

    Why Companies Are Becoming LEED Professionals

    Last updated 4 years ago

    LEED-certified buildings are becoming increasingly important to businesses due to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impacts. This brief video clip shows why contractors everywhere are realizing the fiscal and environmental value of maintaining LEED certification.

    LEED certification is beneficial not only from a professional standpoint, but also from a practical one. By obtaining the necessary credentials to design, operate, and maintain LEED-certified structures, professionals can market themselves while improving corporate image.

    If you’re interested in outsourcing your waste management to maintain or achieve LEED certification, contact We specialize in sustainable waste management to recycle construction aggregate and byproducts and reduce the waste stream. Call (888) 772-7368 today or visit us to learn more about our commercial dumpster rental services and LEED recycling solutions in the New Jersey and New York areas.

    Discover More About Proper Waste Removal And Common Demolition Hazards When You Visit These Sites

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Whether you’re doing a renovation job on your home or are involved in a major demolition project, safety is the most important concern at all stages of your work. Click these links for information about properly disposing of waste and overcoming job site hazards:

    • Learn about New Jersey’s asbestos disposal requirements with this information from the state’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program.
    • Medical waste isn’t appropriate for rental dumpsters. This fact sheet from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services offers advice on safe syringe disposal.
    • Browse this list of recyclable construction waste from Sustainable Sources for ideas on making your current job greener.
    • Demolition work can be hazardous, since many jobs involve working with weakened construction materials and dangerous substances like lead. Stay safe on the job with these demolition guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
    • Don’t let a fall keep you from your work. This article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips for avoiding construction site falls.

    For the safe and easy removal of waste, contact by calling (888) 772-7368. We deliver and pick up the rental dumpsters, creating less hassle for you.

    Top Home Renovation Projects for 2013

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The recent return of economic growth to America has given many homeowners the financial flexibility to renovate and revitalize their homes. Many homeowners are celebrating with bold and elaborate home renovation projects, all of which can be carried out with the help of a remodeling professional and a rental dumpster. Read about a few of today’s most popular renovation projects here.

    Siding Replacement

    If your home’s siding is cracking, peeling off, faded, stained, or just plain old, consider replacing it with a vibrant and durable vinyl, classic wood, or whatever home siding material pleases you most. Also consider replacing your garage door and giving your exterior walls a paint job while you are at it. As soon as it is removed from your home, your old siding can be placed directly into the rental dumpster and carted off to the landfill.

    Green Improvements

    Instead of focusing on just the physical look of your home, you can concentrate your efforts on its function and performance for a more eco-friendly and sustainable house. Have a professional determine how efficient your insulation and windows are, and upgrade accordingly. Change out incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, install low-flow showerheads and sink faucets, and upgrade your HVAC system with one that is Energy Star® rated. Much of the debris that collects in your dumpster during this project will be recyclable, making your renovation energy efficient in its own right!

    Large-Scale Kitchen Remodeling

    In most homes, the kitchen is the focal point. Upgrade your cabinets and countertops, treat -yourself to today’s high-tech appliances and cookware you have been pining after, and have a lighting professional install task and ambient lighting to further improve your kitchen experience.

    If you decide to join in making 2013 the year of the home makeover, you will have to first get rid of the old to make way for the new. Simplify your waste removal and recycling by renting a roll-off dumpster from To speak with a representative of our locally owned and operated New Jersey company, call (888) 772-7368!

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